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Covid weddings part 2

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Now we’re in September, restrictions have been lifted again, this time 30 people can stay for a reception party! Yay!

Penny & Danny. Danny & Penny. What can I say about these two love birds?! Well I’ve met couples that are well suited but these two are on another level!

I had the privilege of meeting them and having an engagement shoot in March, before lockdown and then again in July. The fun we had on their engagement shoots just made me more excited for their wedding!

Having their first engagement shoot at the gorgeous Chevin Country Club & Spa in Otley, so we could get a feel for their big day here in September. A lovely walk around the lake and the grounds. Venue visits can be really helpful to plan your photos for the big day.

In July, we went to Chevin view point, which is literally two minutes away from the view. With stunning views across Otley.

From here we planned their day. We had already planned in their day before lockdown happened but now we needed to plan around the new restrictions.

The day before the wedding, Penny called me to say she had some gifts she would like to give to her bridesmaids and Danny. So off I went the night before to capture the gift exchanges, oh there were tears of joy and laughter all around. I felt so welcome by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I knew that the wedding was going to be great.